Diario, Poesia

Anti-Poem (NaPoWriMo #9)

Once upon a magnetic electric time
I could swear that was made in heaven
a cherry bomb melody soul started out
and its BPM were so fast
that mighty rivers were born from it

When I’m over dreaming over you I see it
and I always find the time to cherish it, like past
You’re the one I was looking for, the soul told the flower
but a tightrope fell on my lips
and like a collection of paper dolls
the stars came out and led the way to say it
until the soul was completely cosmos drunk.

My lost soul never knew how to say hey
because he had been broken by a bittersweet goodbye.
But one day glitter was falling down on the disco
and the soul sang the melody again:

although I got to be certain of love, I don’t need anyone
up until now he had never realized things can only get better
and inspired by the light of the Moon
he wanted to do it again, the chanting of his soul
and began the neverending melody on the mirror:
After all the tears on my pillow
I just need you to enjoy yourself.