Diario, Poesia

The stars above (NaPoWriMo #14)

How does it feel
in my arms?
How does it feel
to be afraid of everything?

Can you remember the fatal loss?
Do you ever replay it
in your head?

How long will I love you?
And how long will you let me love you?

Did you let
that beat drop?

When will I be humming
our beautiful song?

Is it too much this love
for the first time?

Do you ever feel
you’re a million miles away?

Have you ever stopped
to count the stars above?
Did you stay awake at night
praying that Moon will take you with her?
Is this sky falling
or are you really whispering those word?
Do you feel the bells ringing too
or am I still dreaming of us?

Do you know that you are loved?
Will you let me
cradle you in my arms tonight?
Do you know the clouds
will carry our songs tonight?
Do you know our dreams
will run deep like the sea?
Will you let me help you
make your dreams come true?

Constant as the stars above.