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How a Teen, Thrown From His Home for Being Gay, was Arrested and Tortured

Italy, as Uganda, is in a really bad place as to human rights. The gay community is the new black, i.e. what jewish people were in Germany in late 1940s.

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A few weeks ago, I told the story of a teen named Corey who was driven from his birth home when his parents found out he was gay, and into the arms of a loving home that rescued him.  His unique story was read widely and shared by tens of thousands of people.  Sadly, the thing that made Corey’s story unique was not that it happened, but that it happened and he got rescued.  Many other teens are expelled from their homes and quickly fall into drug abuse and prostitution.

A lucky few of them find help through homeless services and by a growing awareness that they exist and need help.  Outside of the United States, rejection of such teens can produce a much harsher reality.

Meet Hakim.  Hakim is every bit as engaging and fine a young man as Corey.  Hakim is barely out of his teens.  I am…

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