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A Religion Education Teacher Sounds Off : Stop Using the Book of Romans in the Bible to Gay Bash!

It’s good to know that somewhere in the world Christian people welcome gay people and do not think of them as freak or sick people.

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This is a guest blog by Joni Bosch, religious education teacher, and longtime LGBT ally.

I first “met” Rob Watson on Beliefnet.  We are the same age and, at that time, both married.  We were at very different places in our family lives, as he had just adopted two children who were toddlers at that time, and my children were graduating from high school.  Although homophobia still exists, it was far more open and widespread.  As we got to know each other it became clear that the only differences between our families, apart from the current ages of our children, was the number of men in bed at night.

Despite the similarities of our lives, my family and marriage was considered normal and blessed and his was the target of much invective, primarily on the part of Christians.

I was raised in a liberal Lutheran church, was a borderline…

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