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Mnemonic #5

Are you good at learning languages or memorizing facts?

I am good at learning languages and terrible at memorizing facts. In fact, I would give my right hand to understand at least other six languages beyond my own and the ones I learned so far. I feel I always want to know more and more, and when reading a new grammar I feel kind of empowered, like a whole new world is there, at hand. And it is certainly true: every language and every dialect has lots of people, stories, legends, loves and wonders behind. There is a reason for every word ever told so far, and the beauty of it is the fact that there is plenty of space for more words and wisdom to come. Languages hide cultures, but they hide them so badly that it takes just some curiosity and a glimpse beyond texts to discover. German is the language I so long to master one day, and Hebrew may be the bonus track after diving into Portuguese and Maori. I love learning languages, and I cannot think of a reason why someone should not wanting to approach one of the existing six-thousand. Sometimes it strucks me that if all the natural languages were neatly divided and spoken between us 7 billions earthlings, each language would be spoken by nearly 1,100,000 people: in this way there would be no danger for their future spokenness. Thank God though, natural languages are most fluid and random, heirs of history and kids of cultures; they are fortunately above programming, imposing and neat calculations. That is why, I guess, I like them so very much.



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