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What Does Being “Cis” Mean For A Woman?

I loved every single word in this article. Brilliant, thoughtful, deep. The perfect expression of my own thoughts on feminism and why I’m still so proud to be me. In these times strictly-gendered clothes are destroying our self because they must define our behaviour. Years ago I dreamed so many times I could put on a skirt and feel confident about it, but now I’m happy with male clothes. Was this compromising, cultural submission? I don’t know, but in these last few months I felt I needed to challenge the gay label I wore since I was born. All I know is I am a twenty-something guy who dreams of falling in love and ashamed imposing standards. I believe the beauty of humanity is being different.

Caroline Criado-Perez

Today I got a bit cross. I do that occasionally. I have been watching the non-binary versus feminism wars getting increasingly heated and thinking, one day, I’ll write a considered post on this. It is an important issue that deserves my time and effort – but it is such an important issue that it deserves time and effort that I simply don’t have today. So days go by and I say nothing. I tweet out articles by women far more cogent and intelligent than I am. I endorse them in the strongest possible terms. But it doesn’t feel enough. I feel like I’m ducking my feminist duty: the duty for women to SPEAK. To not feel scared and cowed. To not suffocate under the weight of not saying anything until that mythical perfect moment when all her ducks are in a row, when the sun is at the right point…

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