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Uncanned laughter

Last night was a wild funny night. There were just six of us sitting at a table with twenty bottles of wine and beer around us. We shared stories, made dirty jokes about each other and toasted to every single moth flying from wall to wall in the dear little kitchen.

I had not experienced such strange and hilarious nights for a long time, and it felt really good. At around midnight we had to go buy cigarettes and a few other bottles of beer because we were so nicely warmed by the conversation that glasses were filled and emptied again very easily. Everything was comfortable, everything was out of control for a bit, and that is the secret of having a good time. Words and laughter were equally precious, they came up spontaneous.


4 thoughts on “Uncanned laughter

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  2. From my point of view, having friends sit around a table with a scandalous amount of beer and wine still to consume, telling stories and sharing happiness and laughter, is the best kind! 🙂

    Mi piace

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