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Get outta my way

What’s the worst thing that could happen to you?

I’ve been reading a book about Zen mantras and the philosophy of letting go and then a book of sentences by Epicurus with the title ‘It’s easy to be happy’ and the subtitle ‘if you know how to do it’, i.e. what today would be a course of Happiness for Dummies.

They’re so much alike in concepts and ideas that one wonders if they were informed by the same spirit. I love the fact that even thousands years ago people were seeking the secret of happiness just like us today. It means that there is really some sort of cosmic connection within all the things of the universe.

What is the most dominant – or subconscious – thought which haunts us permanently so that our actions get inhibited? It is ultimately death. So today I’ve learnt not to worry much because it death is something not concerning us: If we live, death is not, and if death is, we do not live. This is the secret of happiness. It’s so simple and great to think about.



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