Aniversario115 ~ J. L. Borges

I met Jorge Louis Borges in my third year at university during the Latin American Literature course, and it was love at first read. We read in class some tales from Ficciones, among which Las ruinas circulares, El jardín de los senderos que se bifurcan and Funes el memorioso. Then we read some poetries from Elogio de la sombra, and only then did I know I had found true everlasting inspiration.

Books Borges

‘The books I’ve read are my glory’

Borges was – and still is – not just a mere reading or academic author; he is one of the best wholesome experience that life could ever give me as a gift. His longing for infinity, languages, mirrors and literature reflects in his utmost delicate writing skills. One of my favourite quotes by him states the great importance, for the fulfillment of the soul, of being a good reader rather than a mediocre writer at all costs.

He is the one who taught me how to be a good human being through the eyes of books and their tales about words, experiences, worldwide men and women. He is the teacher that I could rely on whenever I feel disappointed or in emotional drought: I read on all his words through the night, thus getting to explore the universal library of human souls, and then I feel joyful again.

He was not some author of some importance: Borges and his spirit live still and will live until the end of time thanks to his incarnation of poetry in human spirit. He reflects the living universal desire to be happy with the life that was given to us and that we can transform in a beautiful masterwork: that’s why his teachings are closest to immortality than anything or anyone ever.



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