September journal

Semptember came uninvited. To my disappointment, the less nice month of the year – or maybe it is november? – I had to pull back the wool blankets from the bauli in the basement and put them around to keep my chilled body warm at night.

I had a written exam yesterday. It was the fearful Spanish lettorato once again, and it was awful. I had to write two compositions, an argumentative and a narrative text with few guidelines and three hours to go. I didn’t bring my vocabulary with me – big mistake – so my lexis was naturally poor, not to mention some accents that I happily skipped. In the end I really doubt I passed the exam, but it will be a lesson for the next try. Let’s say I did it for the sake of exercise.

In the meantime I met someone in an online dating chat. He lives really far away from me, but we talk over whatsapp very much and about many interesting matters. Plus he’s cute, lively and very chatty – maybe a little too much – and despite being my complete opposite we integrate very well. It started out as a sexting chat – gosh, I’m such a slut – but we discovered some features and music taste we have in common, so we went and get to know each other little further. He studied Languages too, but unlike me he chose German as second language, so my motivation to learn it has risen instantly again. Das is gut, oder?

Upon the occasion, I opened a Duolingo profile and started three courses: German, Portuguese and Gaelic Irish. The linguist in me couldn’t restrain himself from the unfathomable depths of foreign languages phonology. I can’t wait to have the confidence to speak them with fluency. Did you know that Dia duit  the equivalent of Hello in Irish – means God to you? It’s a beautiful way to salute someone you hold dear. I love natural languages.

It is the starting of a new academic year – I hope the last as student – and everything could become more dramatic than ever. I look forward to share some university life here and to tell linguistics stories as I attend lessons – I hate everyone in those classes.