Madness Alert

If Gertrude Stein were right to complain about information overload at her times, we should have gone mad by now!… I believe she was right. Nowadays everyone has the right to say their words on everything, and the internet makes it very easy to spread useless as well as useful sentences.

Maybe it is time to close the faucet and pay attention to what we say and not how much do we say? Social marketing – not to mention Google – teaches that quality is better than quantity. But is it really so? It does not seem the case. But this is beyond the point.

Even these few words I am writing are especially useless for the great picture; yet we cannot avoid speaking and talking and spreading words like viruses. But if I want to stay sane, I would probably not connect to the web. I know, you believe it is folly. But it is simple as that.

I had a TV in my bedroom once: it was horrible. I was always in a catatonic state, the eyes fixed on the screen, staring at people barfing judgements and laughing at some famous people’s life. And the worst part was that they were turning me in that kind of person. With time I learnt that the best things in life are not digital. But I feel quite privileged, because I don’t live in a big city, I got Nature and countryside to stand by my side, to fight this battle with me. If you’re not that lucky, you can always inhale some good ol’ pulluted air and breathe it out; it’s better than the madness those tech companies you adore have sold you.

Stay sane, stay two hours away from that device, for God’s sake!


3 thoughts on “Madness Alert

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